About us

We are a young Hungarian couple currently living in Turku, Finland. Patrik moved here years ago to pursuit his studies in Biology, while Eszter a bit recently, in the autumn of 2015. We love design items and living things conceptualized as interior decoration, and we are deeply interested in the world of Tillandsia plants and nature in general.
Patrik had the idea of creating air plant terrariums, but it was something too demanding to start without a partner. After we met, we decided to launch TillaPallo, with an ambition to design things that are unique and impressive.
Our “urbanist” lifestyle is balanced by a lot of outgoing and hiking – an opportunity that we always take to gather fine gifts from the nature, which fits well as terrarium decoration. Luckily, Finland is full of places worth checking for these kind of organic components.
It was a good experience to build up the concept, and also the project name went through many variations until we came up with TillaPallo –  as a tribute to air plants and also to Finnish language.

With love, Patrik and Eszter