Shipping information and FAQ

Is my package wrapped well?

 Yes, it is! We take care about our packaging: we are aiming for 100% protection during the shipping process, so the products can land anywhere on the globe without damage. All items for your orb are packed individually. Furthermore, we try to use recycled material from paper as much as we can to avoid wasting.

How long will my air plant survive in shipment?

 As Tillandsia are hardy plants, they survive well long shipping times, up to 1,5-2 weeks. However, most of the time our packages arrive within a week and within a few days in Scandinavia.

Is it possible to send a TillaPallo as a personal gift from me?

 Yes, it is! If you would like to send a TillaPallo to someone as a gift, we are happy to enclose a gratis and handmade personal greeting card with any text that you would like. Also when it is shipped as a gift, we make sure that the package does not include any invoices or order details.

How long does it take to dispatch my TillaPallo?

 We dispatch within 1-2 workdays worldwide from Finland. Usually we ship as priority large-letter (arrival within 4-6 business day in EU), additional services (such as tracked or express package, etc) can be added at checkout on Etsy. Tracking is always provided when shipped within Finland.

Is it possible to pick up my TillaPallo personally? How can we do it to be more eco-friendly?

 You don’t need to pay shipping costs, if you are living in Turku area (Finland) and it is also a more eco-friendly way to get your TillaPallo. Just write us if you would prefer this option and to discuss a suitable time to meet! Don’t worry – we are flexible! 🙂

  • Personal pick up in Turku is possibly almost all year round
  • Personal pick up in Budapest is possibly a few times a year if we are going to visit our family.

If you have any questions about the shipping,
feel free to write us!